CNC Wood Lathe

A Budgetary CNC wood lathe, in which you just need to define shape of your intended cylindrical part, feed a wooden piece at chuck and just start the machine.


  • Maximum wood length: 1 to 5 Feet
  • Maximum wood cross section: 4 inch
  • Number of tool : 1 / 2
  • Motion type : ball screw
  • Max Speed : 8000 mm/min
  • Controller : DSP System
  • Connectivity: Computer, USB
  • Rotary motor Power: 3 HP, 3 Phase
  • Accessories: cutting tools, Compressors, tool set

Extra features:

  • Auto center
  • Auto feeding
  • Engraving Spindle
  • Remote control


CNC Wood Lathe Double Blade


Wood Lathe turning and carving machine

Fully Auto CNC Wood Lathe

You do not even feed your raw wood, machine will feed, shape and keep doing ! No person needed. 


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