Semi Auto CNC Wood Lathe

A Budgetary CNC wood lathe, in which you just need to define shape of your intended cylindrical part, feed a wooden piece at chuck and just start the machine.


CNC Wood Lathe Double Blade


Wood Lathe turning and carving machine


CNC wood turning lath autofeed Machine by JAK Machinery


  • Maximum wood length: 1 to 5 Feet
  • Maximum wood cross section: 4 inch
  • Number of tool : 1 / 2
  • Motion type : ball screw
  • Max Speed : 8000 mm/min
  • Controller : DSP System
  • Connectivity: Computer, USB
  • Rotary motor Power: 3 HP, 3 Phase
  • Accessories: cutting tools, Compressors, tool set

Extra features:

  • Auto center
  • Auto feeding
  • Engraving Spindle
  • Remote control

Fully Auto CNC Wood Lathe

You do not even feed your raw wood, machine will feed, shape and keep doing ! No person needed. 



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