3D Printer

JAK Machinery is one of the pioneer in 3D Printer manufacturer in India. Since 2013, Company upgraded so many features and aesthetics mechanics, to achieve highest quality of 3D Printing. There are various model that suites your object size starting from 8 inch to 24 inch in height.   

Laser Cutting Machine

JAK Machinery is master of CO2 Laser Machine, Giving 100% satisfaction for return on Investment, Comprehensive warranty, systematic training and High speed operation and High Quality consumables. Various size and Multi head laser Machine also available.     

CNC Router

JAK Machinery made JM Mill 1325 is perfect size, High speed fully automatic milling machine for Wood, Plastic, PVC, ACP, Acrylic, Plywood and many other non metal materials. 

CNC Wood Lathe

With the so many client satisfied installation, JAK Machinery feeling proud for achieving success in innovating fully automatic CNC wood lathe machine, easy to operate, professional training, High quality cutting tools and fully featured facility. 

CNC Plasma Cut

JAK Machinery Only believe in delivering Machine that precisely cut metal sheet upto 20 mm  through U.S made hypertherm Plasma Source, Reliable THC for easy operation and High Quality consumables for new and existing clients.