Core Team

The Company own by 3 Partners Jemish, Anil, Kanti (JAK) along with great team of professionals and Engineers. We know the great team is one of the foundation of organisation for faster organisation growth.

Core Purpose

To Provide Hustle free CNC Machinery Automation Solutions to production companies and individuals to upgrade their business to next level by improving their product quality, production speed, lower the production cost and reduce dependency on human efforts. 



  • MD, Partner
    Jemish Golakiya

    Jemish Golakiya MD, Partner

  • MD, Partner
    Anil Katrodiya

    Anil Katrodiya MD, Partner

  • CFO, Partner
    Kanti Mangukiya

    Kanti Mangukiya CFO, Partner

Factory Address

Plot no. 351, Behind Himson Eng. Pvt. Ltd,
Near Bhojalram Society,
A K Road, Surat-395008
Gujarat, India

Email Address


Factory Mobile

+91 6353531460

About JAK Machinery

JAK Machinery is one of the few manufacturer based in Surat who supply CNC technology and complete production automation to various production individuals and corporate companies. Jak Machinery supply CNC Machinery and related solution like 3D Printer, CNC Router, CNC Laser cutting and engraving, CNC wood lathe, CNC Plasma machine working in various industries like Textile, furniture, die- mold, Art and Craft, Garment, Signage, Architecture, etc. The Company established in 2013, in Surat with 8000 Sqft Factory space 1 Km away from Surat Railway station. Company have now subsidiary company JAK Interio and Makerbhawan.


Company Started on 2013 with core product 3D Printers becoming one of the few companies supplying small and medium size 3d printer almost all state of India.

2014, Surat Textile giant Canary Impex invested reqired capital and 20 year vast experience in Machinery industry to upgrade company to Next Level. Company established 5120 square foot factory near Surat railways station with machinery resources, in house R&D department, logistic partners. Company supplying 3D Printing solutions to corporate and individuals in die cast industry, art and craft, Education institutes. Company started in house CNC Machinery development for wood working and furniture industry.   

2015-16 ,the Company started selling CNC Router, Co2 Laser Machine, CNC wood lathe Machine in North and West India. While installing the machines, understanding industrial loop holes, company has started customized supplying CNC solutions to automate the production with quality products and faster speed, cost optimization  with minimum dependency on human effort.

Since 2017, Company has changed the business doing strategy, Now Company doing extensive work with subsidiary companies, Partner company, and also with existing client collaboration. Company now supplying high end cnc technology like 4 and 5 Axis Router, Stone Milling, Waterjet cutting Service, and fully automatic cnc wood lathe machinery. Since 2018 , Company hold huge stock of Quality consumable like 3D Printer Filament, Co2 tube, reflector, Mirror, Cutting tools to supply to existing and new clients.         





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