Computer numerical control (or “CNC”) routers are computer-controlled cutting machines, able to run any number of custom programs to cut, carve, and slice with precision. The Machine able to produce high-quality results that are consistent and economical.




Applications :  

3D carved plates with wave patterns, cabinet door, solid wooden door, craft wooden door, non-painting wooden door, screen, craft windows, computer desk and the panel furniture auxiliary processing etc.


Specification : 

  • Working Area : 1300×2500 mm / 1300×1300 mm / 1300×600 mm
  • Spindle Power : 6 KW / 5.5 KW / 4.5 KW / 3.5 KW
  • Linear Motion Type : Helical Rack / Ball Screw (Hiwin Tiwan)
  • Linear Guide : Hiwin Taiwan 
  • Max Spindle rpm : 18000 rpm (Air-cooled) / 24000 rpm (Water-cooled)
  • Motor Type : Stepper / Servo Motor
  • Maximum Runing Speed  : 15000 mm/Min(Stepper) , 20000 mm/Min(Servo)
  • Bed Type : T-Slot Aluminium / Vacuum Bed
  • Controller : DSP
  • Interface : Computer / Hand Controller
  • Spindle Drive : Fuji Electric (Japan) / L&T/ Other

Common Features:

  • Y axis with double motor driving ensures stable and smooth movement of the machine.
  • High precision rack gear transmission ensures fast speed and high accuracy. 
  • Imported linear square guide rail ensures high accuracy and maximum work load.
  • Intelligent protection of working table can avoid damage resulted from the wrong operation. 
    Intelligent overrunning protection can avoid mechanical collision, when set graphic exceeds processing size.

Extra Features :  

Vacuum Bed System with T Slots: Adopt vacuum system, made by advanced international technology, configured with vacuum pump of strong absorption, 
can absorb different size materials.
Humanized design of vacuum table with T-slot and clamps, can absorb or clamp the material, the operation is convenient.
Automatic lubrication system 
It fulfills the periodic lubrication maintenance just by one single touch.

Auto Z Leveling Probe
It will give you precise height of material surface.automatically 

Hand wheel
Handwheel helps you to operate machine remotely.



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