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Calligrafer – A real artist like handwriting Machine.

The Calligrafer is being in production now, and can be dispatch within 2 days.

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About Calligrafer

Calligrafer is a name of small cnc machine made by JAK Machinery. The word “Calligrafer” derived from “Calligraphy – decorative handwriting”. As the name suggest, the machine do calligraphy, and also use for human like drawing on any flat surface using any normal pen. Simply Calligrafer is “Human Like Drawing Machine”,


A Calligrafer is a device that acts like a robotic arm on which you can attach a regular pen. Software sends commands to the device to raise, reposition, and lower its arm across a 2D surface. With this, the Calligrafer can be programmed to produce intricate and accurate prints with a pen and paper of your choice. Furthermore, it does as such with exactness moving toward that of a talented craftsman, and — similarly as significantly — utilizing an arm that never gets worn out.

The pen holder fits a wide assortment of pens, including Sharpie fine and ultra-fine point markers, most rollerball and wellspring pens, little-bodied whiteboard markers, et cetera. It can even hold a wellspring pen at a legitimate edge of 45° to the paper. You can likewise utilize actualizes other than pens, for example, pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and numerous others.

Specification :

  • Working Area : A4 Size (210 x 297 mm)
  • Weight : 2.5 Kg
  • Pen holding degree options :  90, 60, 45 degree

What comes with the machine :

  • Calligrafer machine, fully assembled, tested, and ready to use.
  • Power Supply Adoptor
  • USB cable
  • Software package and tutorial video CD or send by email
  • Board and clips for paper holding


  • University Officials, Educators, Celebrities, Politicians, Elected Officials use Calligrafer for a signature machine and repetitive note writing machine.
  • Digital Artist would like to have their arts on papers using Calligrafer
  • Calligraphers use it for their professional purpose to give rest to their hand
  • Online Retailers would prefer to have Handwritten Thank You Notes made by Calligrafer over Digital one
  • Hotel, Restaurants would like to leave Welcome Note for their customers made by Calligrafer
  • Galleries use it for Limited Edition artwork
  • Pen and Ink manufactures uses it for testing their products
  • Mechanical and Civil Engineer Could plot very larger Engineering Drawing on any flat surface using Calligrafer in inexpensive way
  • Scientist Could use it for low-cost XY Motion machine
  • Professionals like Real Estate and Insurance agents would prefer to open their handwritten envelope
  • Fashion Industries would like to have it for drawing the outlines of designed part for cutting purpose



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