3D Printing for Architects

Check this video if you interested in build architecture miniature model, We can guide you through the process from google ketchup to miniature model.  

Dual Color Extruder

The Dual Extruder Single nozzle is a extruder for FDM 3d printer made by JAK Machinery. It takes two different colour filament of same material as input, but only one color extrudes as per designs.

CNC Plasma Metal Cutting Demo

IF you are interested in Exterior architecture design, this machine is useful for metal cutting as per CNC design. Checkout makerbhawan.com to download DXF designs. 

CNC Wood Lathe Demo

Check this video,if you interested in furniture manufacturing business. This machine will make beautiful cylindrical wooden pillars. 

DIY Calligrafer machine for Craft and packaging industry

Here is video, how we put logo on boxes. If you are online selling industry or craft/gift industry, calligrafer may help you make human like drawings.