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About Calligrafer

Human Like Drawing Machine

A Calligrafer is a device that acts like a robotic arm on which you can attach a regular pen. Software sends commands to the device to raise, reposition, and lower its arm across a 2D surface. With this, the Calligrafer can be programmed to produce intricate and accurate prints with a pen and paper of your choice. Furthermore, it does as such with exactness moving toward that of a talented craftsman, and — similarly as significantly — utilizing an arm that never gets worn out.

The pen holder fits a wide assortment of pens, including Sharpie fine and ultra-fine point markers, most rollerball and wellspring pens, little-bodied whiteboard markers, et cetera. It can even hold a wellspring pen at a legitimate edge of 45° to the paper. You can likewise utilize actualizes other than pens, for example, pencils, chalk, charcoal, brushes, and numerous others.

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Human Like Drawing Machine

  • University Officials, Educators, Celebrities, Politicians, Elected Officials use Calligrafer for a signature machine and repetitive note writing machine.
  • Digital Artist would like to have their arts on papers using Calligrafer
  • Calligraphers use it for their professional purpose to give rest to their hand
  • Online Retailers would prefer to have Handwritten Thank You Notes made by Calligrafer over Digital one
  • Hotel, Restaurants would like to leave Welcome Note for their customers made by Calligrafer
  • Galleries use it for Limited Edition artwork
  • Pen and Ink manufactures uses it for testing their products
  • Mechanical and Civil Engineer Could plot very larger Engineering Drawing on any flat surface using Calligrafer in inexpensive way
  • Scientist Could use it for low-cost XY Motion machine
  • Professionals like Real Estate and Insurance agents would prefer to open their handwritten envelope
  • Fashion Industries would like to have it for drawing the outlines of designed part for cutting purpose

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